Who we are

Family owned, Fun and Friendly

We are a small, family owned management team. We take great care in getting to know your property and maximizing your home's earning potential. We assure the personal touch, which is so important with short term rentals. This gives your guests the best experience possible, resulting in great reviews, repeat guests, and the highest return on your investment.  We are honest, reliable, and trustworthy, and treat your home as if it were our own.

We are a fun-loving, adventure seeking family of 6. Our love for travel as well as real estate, has resulted in a crazy love for Airbnb's. We learned that we prefer our own kitchen and bedrooms for our trips, and can no longer handle the confinements of hotel travel. This turned our focus to doing our own rental of our home so that others could enjoy our beautiful city and feel more a part of it. After five years of successful short term rentals, we have been asked to help many people in their airbnb journey.  With our passion for business, and a son in business college, we saw the need to take this on to a full time level. The last three  years have been a process of growing and learning...we hope to never stop.

Our Mission Statement

 To set the standard of highest quality in residential property management for the success of our clients, while ensuring all of our guests have the best, most relaxing  and  enjoyable experience possible.